--Alan to all the campers and counselors who are mean to him

Portrayed by Michael Gibney
Alias "Blowjob"
Family Michael (Stepbrother;deceased)
Role Camper
Status Alive
Appearance(s) Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)
Age 14
Gender Male
Born 1989

Alan was a troubled 14 year old with poor social skills who attended Camp Manabe with his abusive stepbrother. While he bullied the younger kids, he was the constant butt of the older campers' and counselors' pranks. Angela Baker observed this and killed those who were meanest to him. Camp Arawak counselor Ronnie and a girl named Petey would always protect him and stand up for him.



Although he sometimes causes trouble, he was probably once a good kid but it seems his bad behavior comes from being bullied by counselors, the camp owner, and older campers, including his step-brother Michael. He always had deep hatred towards all of them, including his stepbrother.


Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)Edit

He serves as the main protagonist of the film.


Alan is almost the exact opposite of Peter/Angela from the first Sleepaway Camp movie. He is also bullied by most of the other campers, camp owner, and counselors, but while Angela was picked on for being painfully shy and quiet, Alan is bullied mainly because of his obnoxious personality. He also picks on the younger, smaller campers and never hesitates to use the words "Your ass stinks!" when aggravated.

He has a contentious relationship with his stepbrother Michael, who is arguably smarter than most of the other male campers, but Michael abuses Alan. His love interest is Karen, who is different from other female campers as she doesn't participate in the teasing and bullying.

Despite him being almost alone, Alan does have a group of frogs he likes hanging out with. He treats them like pets and acts very protectively towards them especially, if one of them is hurt.

Alan was almost killed by his stepbrother, Michael.

Ricky Thomas, Jenny, and Ronnie found him barely alive.

He now hates Karen for being more interested in his stepbrother more than him, thinking he skinned frogs when actually Michael did and being part of a prank that had people see Alan in his underwear.

Behind the ScenesEdit

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