Ally Burgess
Portrayed by Valerie Hartman
Status Deceased
Cause of death Stabbed two times in back with knife, and drowned in outhouse by Angela Baker
Died 1988
Angela Baker's motive to kill her Being a bitch, having sex with Rob, and bullying Molly
Appearance(s) Sleepaway Camp II (1988)
Gender Female
Friends Molly Nagle (sometimes)





Rob Darrinco (love interest; deceased)

Sean Whitmore (sometimes)




Charlie (sometimes)

Emilio (sometimes)


Angela Baker (sometimes)

Enemies Molly Nagle

Sean Whitmore

Angela Baker



"You should have been the first to go." - Angela after drowning Ally in the outhouse at the back of the camp in Sleepaway Camp II

"I don't know!" - Ally's last words before Angela drowned her in the outhouse

"Shit. Goddamn Molly. (Angela: "Goddamn Angela.") What's your problem? (Angela: "You. And kids like you.") Very funny. (Angela: "I didn't think you'd fall for it and you're dumber than I thought.") Yeah? Well, you're more fucked up than I thought!" - Ally before Angela stabbed her two times in the back with a knife and drowned her in a outhouse, killing her

"Get a life." - Ally to Charlie after he whistled at her during breakfast when he's flirting with her

Ally Burgess was a mean-spirited popular girl who attended Camp Rolling Hills, where she butted heads with counselor Angela Baker, who eventually killed her for her being mean to her friend, Molly Nagle and overall for being the "camp bitch." She is Angela Baker's 18th victim.


Ally,who may have been a cheerleader, attended Camp Rolling Hills, where she was quite popular. She may have gone in years past, as she claims to have slept with Sean Whitmore by the second week.


Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers (1988)Edit

Ally serves as the secondary antagonist of the film. Ally is first shown waking up with the other girls, but unlike them, naked. She is shown consistently to rebel against Angela's rules and questions her motives and even calls her a dyke behind her back.

Ally camps out with Demi, Molly and Lea. She later sneaks out into a restroom to have sex with Rob under pretending to have a cramp. While in the restrooms, Ally makes Rob remove his shoes, Rob then pushes Ally into a shelf knocking a few cans of a substance on the floor, Ally then removes Rob's shorts, showing his black underwear. Then, Ally proceeds to remove her jeans, revealing her sky blue panties while Rob sloppily drags her into a stall. Rob is licking her belly while Ally moans and then takes her shirt off, revealing her peach-colored bra. Ally pushes Rob's shoulders down to make him start licking her woman hood. Rob keeps attempting to go up, gripping her legs hard. Rob places his hands behind Ally to undo her bra, but Ally starts moving his hand and informs him, the strap is in the front. Since Rob is doing it too slowly, Ally pushes his hands away and undoes the bra herself, forcefully throwing the bra on the floor. Rob then starts licking on her vagina,pulling the panties to the side. Ally moans heavily, as her foot clings to the interior walls or the stall. Ally hears Angela and then gets dressed and unlocks the bathroom door, to prevent Angela from catching them. Ally had the door locked while they had sex, which was beneficial, because Angela was going to break in and kill both of them.

As Molly Nagle and Sean become closer, Ally grows more jealous, confronts Molly, criticizes Molly and Shawn's relationship and tells her to stay away from her, insulting her and telling her to go run and tell Angela. Ally then states that if she's lucky, the "dyke" will send her home as well.

Later on, Ally once again has sex with Rob, but in the woods and more explicitly.In the nude, Ally throws her self onto Rob's *****. Ally tries to hold her moaning in, breathing heavily, so they don't get caught, whilst gripping Rob's shirt. A few seconds later,they stop. Ally lays beside Rob.Ally puts on her panties, gets up and puts her shirt back on. She asks Rob if he has A.I.D.S., snatches her shorts from Rob and then walks away to Rob's dismay and confusion.

Ally returns to the girl's cabin where she finds a fake love note from Sean written by Angela to meet her at the old cabin near the hills. After Ally arrives, Angela confronts her,Ally gets the last word and walks away. Angela then grabs her neck and stabs her in the back twice.Ally falls on the ground, Angela demands her to get up, despite her fatally wounded state. Angela forces her up and slams her into the wall outside an outhouse,she then forces her down the toilet. Ally grabs the sides of the toilet and pulls herself up with all the strength she can muster.Flailing and wildly flicking her head side to side to get urine her face and hair. She lets out another terrifying shriek as the taste of urine settles in her mouth. Angela shoves her head back in holding the stick in place. Ally tries again, but Angela is stronger as Ally is getting weaker and weaker from the wounds to her back. Ally comes up a third time gasping for air but is now too weak to hold herself up. Angela then shoves the stick in between Ally's shoulder and pushes her in again. After gagging and gasping for air, Ally drowns in the pool of urine, feces and leeches.

Ally's body was put in a sleeping bag and relocated to the nearby cabin, with leeches still present on her face.


Ally served as the 'camp bitch' of the film. Angela considers Ally the worst camper at Rolling Hills. Ally hates Angela for her disciplinarian nature and for sending her good friend Phoebe home (but Angela actually killed Phoebe and Ally didn't know). She also thinks Angela is a lesbian and is grossed out by her.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Named after Brat Pack actress Ally Sheedy. 


  • Ally is arguably the most sexually active girl/character in the series,as she is the only one to have sex twice.
  • Ally likes to sleep in the nude.
  • Molly knows Ally is a cheerleader.
  • In one scene when her corpse was shown, she is seen breathing, but it was actually her actress breathing.