Angela Baker
Real Angela
Portrayed by Colette Lee Corcoran
Family John Baker (father;deceased)
Peter Baker (twin)
Ricky Thomas (cousin)
Martha Thomas (aunt)
Status Deceased
Cause of death Hit by speedboat, drowned in lake
Born 1969
Died 1975
Age 6 (at death)
Appearance(s) Sleepaway Camp (1983)
Gender Female

Angela Baker was the victim of a horrible boating accident which claimed the life of her and her father and severely traumatized her twin brother. Peter assumed Angela's personality and lived the rest of his life as Angela.


Angela and Peter grew up with their father, John, and were close to their cousin, Ricky. John's lover, Lenny, had a strong presence in the household.

As a young child, Angela and Peter spied on their father in the arms of Lenny. This led to their first realization of gender awareness.


Sleepaway CampEdit

In 1975, Angela and her family enjoyed a summer picnic on a lake while they waited to visit Aunt Martha. Angela and Peter goofed around on their boat, capsizing them and their father. Before they could get out of the water, a speedboat, piloted by careless teenagers Craig and Maryanne, accidentally ran them over, killing Angela and John and injuring Peter.


Even though they are twins, Angela and Peter are introduced as opposites. She is outspoken while he is more withdrawn. This is a clue that the silent "Angela" seen throughout the film is in fact Peter.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The revelation that Angela died and Peter survived the boating accident is a major plot twist of the first Sleepaway Camp.
  • In a Behind the Scenes featurette for Return to Sleepaway Camp it is revealed that She survives and she is the one who committed the murders of Return to Sleepaway Camp, but this is wrong because the movie takes place after the 1st one and Angela is revealed to have been male and to be her brother-turned-sister, Peter, the real Angela Baker DID die, and Peter "Angela" Baker is the real killer in Return to Sleepaway Camp.

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