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Camp Arawak
Location Hudson Falls, NY
Owner Mel Kostic (Deceased)
Head Counselor Ronnie Angelo
Status Closed
Appearance(s) Sleepaway Camp (1983)

Camp Arawak is the main location of the original Sleepaway Camp.


The camp was operated by owner Mel Kostic. He hired Ronnie to supervise the many young adults working as counselors. Other staff included head cook Artie, assistant chef Ben, and four younger cooks. Mel hired a lifeguard, Hal, to supervise swimming sessions.


Sleepaway CampEdit


The grounds consisted of several cabins for the kids, a recreation hall, kitchen, office for Mel, and shack for Ronnie, as well as docks, a beach, and plenty of hiking area.

Victims Edit

Behind the ScenesEdit

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