Camp New Horizons
Location Upstate NY
Owners Lilly Miranda (Deceased)
Herman Miranda (Deceased)
Head Counselor Barney Whitmore (Deceased)
Status Closed
Appearance(s) Sleepaway Camp III

Camp New Horizons was the former summer camp Camp Rolling Hills. Herman and Lilly Miranda bought it in a scheme to make money off underprivileged and wealthy teenagers. Angela Baker snuck into the group and killed most of the counselors and campers and both owners off one at a time.


After Camp Rolling Hills was shut down due to Angela Baker's murder spree, the area was left in ruins. The abandonded cabin was torn down, rats infested the kitchen, and someone graffittied the cabins. Lilly and Herman camp were able to buy it relatively cheaply because of the bad publicity. After closing down, a ranger camp Jack often patrolled the land. A cabin in this cabin is the final resting place of him and Eugene who both were killed by Angela.


Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage WastelandEdit


The camp was a run-down shadow of what it once was.

Victims Edit

Behind the ScenesEdit

Sleepaway Camp II and III were filmed back-to-back with the same crew to save expensives. This frugality was why the same shooting location was used, and worked into the storyline.

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