"Well, look who's here - the camp problem child. (Alan: "Hey, Charlie. Can I get something else to eat?") I'm on my way out, little man. Mickey will take care of you." (Alan: "Great.")

- Charlie meeting Alan in the kitchen

"Hey, Mickey, didn't I tell you to put the goddamn trash bags in the dumpster? I'm infested with rats in here! (Mickey: "Alright, don't blow an artery, okay?") Just make sure you do it this time. (Mickey: "I said I'd fucking do it, alright?! Jesus Christ!") Should've fired your ass a long time ago." (Mickey: "Yeah, you keep mumbling, old man.")

- Charlie scolding Mickey

Portrayed by Isaac Hayes
Occupation Chef
Status Alive
Gender Male
Born 1942
Age 61
Appearance(s) Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)

Charlie was the chef at Camp Manabe during the mysterious murder spree.


Other than his occupation, not much is known about him, given the fact that he rarely speaks much. Though he is not seen much either, it is definitly believed that he is a survivor of the massacre.


Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)Edit


Behind the ScenesEdit

Actor Isaac Hayes also played the Chef on South Park.