Portrayed by Paul Poland
Occupation Lifeguard
Status Alive
Appearance(s) Sleepaway Camp (1983)
Gender Male

Craig was the careless life guard who let Maryanne drive the boat that accidentally killed John Baker and Angela Baker and injured Peter Baker.


Craig may be a lifeguard at Camp Arawak. At the very least he was flirtatious with Maryanne, if not actually dating her.


Sleepaway Camp (1983)Edit

In 1975, Craig enjoyed a summer day piloting a boat that his friend Dolores water skied from. Maryanne begged him to let her drive and even though he knew he shouldn't, he relented. Before they knew it, a family capsized ahead of them. Craig screamed at Maryanne to turn the boat. He tried grabbing the wheel himself, but it was too late and they ran over the Baker family, killing two of them and injuring the other. He most likely got fired afterwards.


Craig is seen as a careless teenager. While he is charged with 'life guarding,' his negligence causes the deaths of two of the Bakers. He may represent an almost nihilistic view of fate. His actions unknowingly cause the series of events that lead Angela through her early life.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Craig seems to be a lifeguard at Camp Arawak. If so, a comparison can be drawn between Jason Voorhees' tragic drowning in the Friday the 13'th series happening due to a teenage counselor's negligence, and the Baker family accident because of the same reason.

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