"Hey, he's alive!"

~Gene finding Ricky still alive~

(Ricky: "Pricks!") "Shut your mouth, will you, Mel's here? (Ricky: "I don't give a shit!") I think I better take you over to the infirmary before your mouth gets you any more trouble."

~Gene to Ricky after the fight with Kenny, Mike, Billy, Jimmy, Jeff, and the rest of the boys for mocking Angela~

"Hey! What are you guys, kidding me?! Are you nuts or something?! Give me that! (takes the knife away from Mozart) You'll see this at the end of the summer if you're lucky. Idiot. (Ricky: "Come on, Geno. He was just kidding. Give him a break.") (Mozart: Yeah, give me a break!") Maybe I should ask Ronnie what he thinks I should do.

~Gene after he saw all the commotion in the cabin and took the knife away from Mozart and confiscated it when Mozart tried to kill Ricky and his friends with it for a mean prank on him~

Portrayed by Frank Trent Saladino
Occupation Camp counselor
Status Alive
Appearance(s) Sleepaway Camp (1983)
Gender Male
Age 30
Height 5'10"
Weight 221 lbs
Born 1953

Gene was a counselor for the older boys at Camp Arawak during the original murder spree.


Sleepaway Camp (1983)Edit


Gene is a positive role model, one of the few in the series. He is actually attentive to his kids and acts morally.


Height- 5 foot 10

weight - 221 pounds

Age - 30

Race - white

Shoesize - 9

Behind the ScenesEdit

Actor Frank Trent Saladino, true to character, kept boys from being mean to each other on the set.