"Alan, I'm sorry!"

- Karen, about to be strangled by rope by Angela and apologizing to Alan for not believing him and being part of a cruel prank that had people see Alan in his underwear

(Alan: "Karen, you don't understand!") "Get away from me, you freak!" (Alan: "Karen, you don't understand! It wasn't me, Karen! I didn't do it!")

- Karen running away from Alan along with Marie after she thought that he murdered Mickey and Weed (when it was Angela) and skinned frogs (when it was actually his step-brother Michael and his friends)

Portrayed by Erin Broderick
Role Camper
Status Alive
Age 18
Born 1985
Gender Female
Friends Marie




Other girls

Michael (formerly)





Enemies Alan (formerly)

Angela Baker


Frank Kostic


Appearance(s) Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)

Karen was a popular girl at Camp Manabe, and endured Alan's many advances. She went along with her friends to prank him even though she regretted it, and was nearly killed for it.


Karen is an attractive and popular girl among her peers who attended Camp Manabe for the summer.


Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)Edit

Karen is first seen at cafeteria breakfast sitting with

Karen is not amused at being ditched.

her bunk and eating. She was also seen talking to Michael, Alan's stepbrother. At the social during night, Karen is talking with her friends who purposely ditch her when Alan comes up to chat with her. Karen is visibly grossed by Alan's smell and finds out that neither of them like Mickey the sleezy camp cook, when T.C. is pushed to the ground by Alan and reprimanded by Frank she laughs at T.C's misfortune. The next day after Weed's death, Karen is playing croquet with her bunkmates when Alan comes up to ask her if

Karen and Marie flee from Alan.

she would join him at his secret spot, Karen initially refuses but agrees to join him due to him ruining their croquet game, she also takes Marie with her despite not wanting to go. When Karen and Marie show up to Alan's spot he offers them some soda but when Marie spots a skinned frog Karen grabs Marie and the girls run; calling Alan a freak for what they believe he did, the girls run to Linda at the lake dock for protection, Karen witnesses Alan getting his underwear torn off by T.C. and the rest of the boys as well as thrown into the lake.

Karen asks Alan to join her backstage.

The following night social, Michael wants Karen to lure Alan to the rec. hall backstage so Michael and the boys can prank him, later when Alan runs out after being accosted by Frank, Karen lures Alan to the backstage under the guise of a game she wants him to join, when Alan is tied and stripped of his clothes Karen peeks out of the stage curtain with a guilty look on her face as Alan is escorted off by Petey. Later at night, Karen is pacing in her cabin worried that Alan may try to hurt her after

Karen being strangled.

hearing he has run off, Marie then offers to take Karen and the rest of the girls to the rec hall for an ice cream. Later, Karen is walking with Michael when a boy from Alan's bunk runs up to tell them that T.C. has been killed, leaving Karen frightened, she runs back to her bunk and finds Marie, telling her the news Marie dismisses it, as they walk into their bunk they find Bella crushed beneath a bed of spikes. Karen then screams to Marie that she warned her about Alan and believes she's next to die. Karen then proceeds to run throughout the woods surrounding Camp Manabe, finding a near-dead Randy and Linda she immediately faints as she comes face-to-face with the real killer.

Karen crying in the sheriff's (Angela's) arms.

Karen wakes up in the rec hall with a rope tied around her neck, the killer then appears and causes the the basketball hoop the rope is tied on to lift slowly strangling Karen, she then screams for help and profusely yells that she is sorry to Alan whom she believes is trying to kill her as revenge for participating in the prank earlier at the social. Michael and Sheriff Jerry rescue her before she is killed. Hysterical and crying, Karen breaks down in the Sheriff's arms repeating that Alan did it. But now she realizes that the real killer was Angela and that Alan didn't skin frogs but his stepbrother, Michael, did. She even realized that he was telling the truth and regretted not believing him.


Karen is similar to Paul from the original movie, being the kind-hearted love interest of the film's protagonist. Unlike Paul however, Karen rejects Alan's flirtous attempts and is some times grossed out by his lack of

Karen shows guilt for being part of a prank

hygiene, she is also more interested in Alan's stepbrother Michael.

Karen has more realism in her, though she views Alan as an innocent soul she calls him a freak after she believes he skinned a bunch of frogs at his secret spot near the lake, she is also shown to have a guilty conscience after she knowingly goes along with a questionable prank on Alan with a few of her friends, believing him to have gone through enough pain, however she immediately changes her tune after the prank believing him to be crazy.

Behind the ScenesEdit

In Erin Broderick's interview with Jeff Hayes, Erin claims her favorite scene was when Karen was almost killed.