"It can't be you. It can't be! IT CAN'T BE!"

~Mel's last words before Angela shot him through the neck with an arrow at the archery, killing him after he discovered she's a killer and realized Ricky was telling him the truth, regretting for beating him half to death~

"If I EVER hear anything like this again, I'm gonna throw the bunch of you outta here, and DON'T THINK I DON'T MEAN IT!"

~Mel scolding Billy, Mike, Jimmy and three other boys for throwing water balloons at Angela and fighting with Ricky~

"I'm finished!"

~Mel after he found out that Billy died~

"I've got you now, you little monster! Now it's my turn! (Ricky: "Get the fuck off of me! Leave me alone!") Like you killed Kenny and Billy, just like you left Meg?!" (slaps Ricky to the ground) (Ricky: "I don't know what the fuck you're talking about! I didn't do nothing! Stop it! I didn't do anything, you crazy fuck! Stop it! I didn't anything!") Liar, liar, liar!"

~Mel dragging Ricky into the woods, thinking he's a killer (which he didn't do anything when it was Angela) before he beated him half to death~

Mel Kostic
Portrayed by Mike Kellin
Occupation Camp owner
Status Deceased
Cause of death Shot with arrow in neck by Angela Baker
Appearance(s) Sleepaway Camp (1983)

Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers (1988), (mentioned)

Gender Male
Age 61 (at death)
Born 1922
Died 1983
Angela Baker's motive for killing him Being greedy, abusive, beating up Ricky and nearly killing him
Love interests Meg (deceased)

Mel Kostic was the owner of Camp Arawak, where he tried to hide the original murder spree, until he was driven paranoid and beat Ricky Thomas nearly to death before Angela Baker killed him. He is Angela Baker's 10th victim.


Mel owned and operated Camp Arawak in New York state.


Sleepaway Camp (1983)Edit

Mel and his head counselor, Ronnie Angelo, supervised the kid's arrival on the first day of camp at Camp Arawak. After several murders occurred, he thought the camp would be closed down. Mel suspected Ricky of the murders, and beat him to near death for it. Angela appeared moments later and he realized he almost beat Ricky to death for nothing. Mel was killed by Angela shooting him with an arrow through the neck after he discovered that she was the killer and realized Ricky was telling the truth. His body was found by other counslers and campers and Officer Frank Breton.

Sleepaway Camp II (1988)Edit

Phoebe recounted the Camp Arawak massacre at Camp Rolling Hills, and mentioned Mel's grisly death.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • This was Mike Kellin's last role. He was a veteran of film and TV for decades.

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