(Alan: "You suck, Mickey!") "I suck?"

- Mickey before he threw eggs at Alan

(Alan: "You fucking bastard!") "I said, get out!" (Alan: "Oh, yeah?")

- Mickey threatening Alan before he threw two pans at him

"That was a nice aim, asshole."

- Mickey after Alan threw two pans at him

"Holy shit!"

- Mickey after seeing Alan almost hitting him with a kitchen knife

"What a douche." (Ronnie: "Shut up, Mickey. Actually, you started it.") "Yeah, whatever."

- Mickey after Ronnie told him off

"Alright, don't blow an artery, okay? (Charlie: "Just make sure you do it this time.") I said I'd fucking do it, alright?! Jesus Christ! (Charlie: "Should've fired your ass a long time ago.") Yeah, you keep mumbling, old man."

- Mickey after Charlie scolded him for not taking trash to the dumpster

"Hey, Mickey. What’s with the fryer? There more oils on it than in it." Why don't you just suck my dick, you old bastard?"

- Mickey mocking Charlie before Angela kills him

Portrayed by Lenny Venito
Occupation Assistant chef
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Cause of death Head shoved in hot deep fryer by Angela Baker
Angela Baker's motive for killing him Being mean and abusive to Alan, ill-tempered, lazy, and alteration, and picking a fight with him
Died 2003
Appearance(s) Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)
Enemies Alan


Ronnie Angelo

Angela Baker

Mickey was the ill-tempered, lazy assistant chef at Camp Manabe who was murdered after he was mean to Alan. He is Angela Baker's 2nd victim.



Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)Edit

He serves as a minor antagonist of the film. When Alan walks into the kitchen and asks for ice cream, the cook refuses. Alan insults the cook, who responds by pelting him on the back with eggs. Alan retaliates by throwing a butcher knife at him but misses. This infuriates Frank Kostic who kicks Alan out of the kitchen.

Mickey is later seen cleaning the fryer while it is still on after emptying a load of finished french fries. Angela comes up from behind and grabs Mickey by the legs, leaving him clinging onto the edges of the fryer. She then takes a chair and stands on top of it now hanging Mickey upside down right above the fryer. Mickey loses his balance when he accidentally touches the hot oil with his right thumb, allowing the killer to dunk his head in the hot fryer. He writhes around for a while before finally dying. Angela kicks the chair out of the way and drops Mickey’s legs. The lifeless body falls backwards onto the floor to reveal his head now bald and red. She stuffs the body in a plastic bag and tosses it into the garbage compactor and turns it on, destroying the corpse.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Mickey's character is an homage to that of Artie from the original. Both are cooks who clash with the protagonist and end up pushed into boiling water or frying oil by Angela. But unlike Artie, Mickey is not a child molester and probably hates kids instead.