"Crying again, fat boy? (Alan: "Get outta here, Randy.") Oh, you're gonna be really scared."

- Randy insulting Alan at the pier when Alan tried to talk to Karen that he didn't kill Mickey and Weed and skin his frogs (when it was actually his step-brother Michael and his friends)

"Hey, hey, Alan, that's no way to talk to ladies."

- Randy before he and the rest of the boys rip off Alan's underwear and causing him to fall off the dock after he insulted Linda back, saying "Screw you, you ugly whore."

"Oh, it's a little late for that." (Alan: "FUCK YOU!")

- Randy after Petey carried Alan out of the water

(Ronnie: "Get those lights on! Turn the lights on now! I wanna know who did this! I wanna know right now!") "What do you want from me? It's my night-off. (Ronnie: "Not anymore, it's not! Now find out!") Okay, okay, Jesus!"

- Randy being wanted by Ronnie when he wanted to know who's part of a prank to see Alan in his underwear

"Oh, thank you, God."

- Randy's last words before he got his penis pulled off, killing him

Portrayed by Brye Cooper
Occupation Camp Counselor
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Cause of death Penis pulled off, blood loss
Died Summer 2003
Angela Baker's motive for killing him Picking on Alan, bullying him, having a fight with him, being mean and abusive to him, and giving him a wedgie
Love interests Linda (deceased)
Friends Michael






Enemies Alan


Angela Baker

Ronnie Angelo

Appearance(s) Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)

Randy was Alan's counselor at Camp Manabe, where he constantly put him down, which got him killed. He is Angela Baker's 5th victim.



Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)Edit

Angela tied Randy up to a tree and ties a fishing wire to his penis and the other line to Linda's jeep, she drove off to flee from the killer not knowing about the fishing line as it pulls his cock off and bleeds to death. Karen later finds his body as he dies when she was running through the forest from getting killed, thinking it was Alan.


It is possible Randy was deliberately named to coincide with the mostly British term for "horny." Randy is played by an English actor (Brye Cooper) and is ironically murdered while preparing to have sex with Linda, another counselor.

Randy is the meanest of the counselors and isn't shy about showing his dislike for Alan. He is physically and verbally abusive; as such, he is the male equivalent of Meg from the first Sleepaway Camp film.

Behind the ScenesEdit