Portrayed by Chaz Brewer
Role Camper
Gender Male
Status Alive
Appearance(s) Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)

Stan was one of the older campers at Camp Manabe and friends with Weed, he is shown acting horrified when Weed is killed.


Stan was a pothead much like his friend Weed and attended Camp Manabe for the summer.


Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)Edit


Stan screaming for Weed.

Stan played a minor role in Return to Sleepaway Camp. He is a drug user and is frequently shown using marijuana along with Weed.

At the social night, while smoking with Weed, the couple encountered a recently ridiculed Alan, whom they trick into smoking a dried cow manure. Alan mistakes it for marijuana and tries to fit in but it made him coughs. Alan falls to his knees and hugs Stan which T.C. as if Alan is giving Stan a blowjob. Since then, Alan earned the nickname 'blowjob'.

2:00 am the same night, Stan, Weed and two female campers are relaxing near the boat equipment house by the lake before Stan and the girls leave leaving Weed by himself who is bound and blown up by the killer moments thereafter. When Weed's husk is loaded into an ambulance van, Stan is held back by a camp counselor crying out Weed's name.


Stan behaves much like Mike from the original sleepaway camp, both are goofy individuals, pick on the protagonist (In Stan's case Alan) and both are the best friends of trickster campers. Whereas Mike was unaffected by Kenny's death, Stan cries out for Weed after finding his husk.

Behind the ScenesEdit